DEN Highline Canal Ph. 4 & Section 10 Restoration

Denver, CO

This project includes two tasks related to the Former Stapleton Airport site. The first task is the removal and replacement of the unsuitable soils used as backfill for the previous Highline Canal Phase 2 Remediation Project (HLC2) is required by the Colorado Department of Health and Environment (CDPHE) to maintain the No Action Determination (NAD) for unrestricted residential use for the site. The NAD is required as a condition of the MLDA for the transfer of the land for future development. The site is located within the City of Aurora in an area bounded by 25th Avenue on the south, Moline Street on the west, Peoria Street on the east and the future 26th Avenue on the north.

The second task is the restoration and cleanup of the Section 10 Concrete and Asphalt Recycling yard located north of 56th Ave. The cleanup of remaining concrete and asphalt waste and restoration site is required under the MLDA’s land transfer provisions and is a result of the bankruptcy of the Recycling Yard Permittee in 2015. All processed concrete and asphalt materials are in the process of being removed.

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