Wekiva Parkway Section 7A (SR 429/SR 46)

Seminole, FL

This $110 million FDOT project includes new road construction of a four-lane divided limited access toll facility located on an elevated embankment with MSE walls, and two one-lane, one-way non-tolled frontage roads at-grade, parallel to the Parkway. The frontage roads include four roundabouts at-grade, while the Wekiva Parkway bridges over. Toward the end of the project, the two frontage road alignments converge to a six-lane divided roadway, while the Wekiva Parkway alignment curves to the southeast. The major items of work include new road construction with four roundabouts, twelve new bridges, MSE walls, slip ramps, drainage improvements, curb and gutter, sidewalk, guardrail, traffic signals, signing installation (including overhead truss and cantilever truss construction), final surface painted pavement markings, bike lanes, lighting, Intelligent Transportation Systems, miscellaneous structures, retaining walls, and two toll sites with gantries and buildings.

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