Stephen D. Hogan Parkway (6th Avenue Parkway)

Aurora, Colorado

The project will create a connection to the existing 6th Avenue east of Tower Road, and extend eastward about two miles, connecting to the existing 6th Parkway at E-470 to the east. This will close a gap in the existing arterial street network, improving the reliability and efficiency of the transportation system.

The project is designed to improve access and emergency response to residential communities east of E-470. The project will improve highway access and reliability of travel to Buckley Air Force Base. The new connection will address increased travel demand for new residential and business growth in the area. For existing residents of eastern Aurora, the project will reduce travel time and vehicle miles traveled. It also will support existing and future multimodal connectivity.

Site preparation work will start this summer, with roadway construction beginning this fall. The project includes a 700-foot-long bridge crossing of Sand Creek. The sidewalk included as part of the road construction will connect to the pending extension of the Triple Creek Trail. Construction will occur from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday, with a potential for some weekend and night work. The project will wrap up in fall 2019.

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