Red Rocks West Alameda Trading Post Intersection and Red Rocks Park Road/Lower Parking Lot #2 CM/GC

Morrison, CO

Red Rocks Owner Testimonial

This project included CM/GC services related to the design and construction of the intersection of Alameda Parkway and Red Rocks Road and the Lower South Lot #2. This project involved multiple stakeholders, had tremendous public attention and visibility, and is located in locally valuable area. In 2015, Red Rocks was designated a National Historic Landmark.

The project scope consisted of two distinct elements including: the reconfiguration of the Alameda Parkway and Trading Post Road intersection and realignment of the road adjacent to Lower South Lot #2. Due to the high-volume use schedule at Red Rocks, all work was coordinated around revenue-generating events without disruption, mandating winter construction to meet strict completion timing in early spring.

This project involved a great deal of environmental stewardship. Excavation generated a multitude of boulders that SEMA partnered with CCD to carefully sort, select, and reposition near the entrances and in other visual areas on-site. Remaining boulders were placed in CCD’s landscape collection for use in future artistic projects.

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