El Paso County – Baptist Road West (I-25 to Forest Lake Drive)

Monument, CO

The key elements of this $33 million, 2016 APWA Project of the Year included a three span concrete girder bridge over the Union Pacific railroad tracks and Monument Creek; caissons for pier construction in the Preble’s Meadow Jumping Mouse (PMJM) habitat and flood plan; pile foundations for the abutments; earthwork; retaining walls for bridge approaches (both MSE and Soil Nail Walls); roundabout at Old Denver Highway including architectural lighting and hardscape/architectural elements; modifications and improvements to the roadway approaches to the roundabout; roadway construction west of the bridge to connect to Hay Creek Road, the Dellacroce Ranch and quarry, and the future Forest Lakes Drive; modifications to the Santa Fe Trailhead parking area just north of the roundabout; drainage improvements including two water quality ponds; utility coordination and relocation; rehabilitation and enhancement of disturbed PMJM riparian habitat; removal of existing Baptist Road and the bridge over Monument Creek, erosion control and seeding, and railroad coordination.

2016 APWA Colorado Project of the Year!


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