Dams & Reservoirs

At SEMA, we work closely with environmental and structural design experts to safely and efficiently build dams and reservoirs to our client’s exact specifications. Our solid experience in structural construction technologies, ground treatment, and water infrastructure developments make us a leader in the industry. Environmental impact is a key concern in dam and reservoir construction. SEMA takes into consideration all aspects of the surrounding areas prior to determining the most innovative and cost-effective solutions for the construction phase.

Over the next decade, water resources management will be one of the most important issues faced by local and state governments. SEMA is committed to determining and employing the best and most suitable approach for your water infrastructure project. Whether your concern is for water storage, irrigation, flood control, recreation or power generation, our solutions hold water.



Featured Projects

Upper Beaver Brook Spillway
Upper Beaver Brook Spillway - Evergreen, CO
Monument Branch Channel Restoration Phase 1
Monument Branch Channel Restoration Phase 1 - Colorado Springs, CO
Monument Branch Creek
Monument Branch Creek - Colorado Spring, CO